Lessons from Today

I decided to make an entry every day about what I learn about me and my life path each day or  at least every few days. That way I will train my consciousness to identify patterns as my life unfolds.

I will start today by looking over the past couple of months briefly. Sadly my father passed over in November suddenly so my whole world tipped on its axis. I went for an interview the day after the funeral and got the job which I started at the end of the first week in January. In the intervening time before I started working, it all felt like a bit of a dream. Going to the interview and getting the post did not seem real. I wondered if I would be good in the role.

Well it is nearly a month later and I am doing well there and enjoying it. I think that going for a new job the day after giving the eulogy at my Dad’s funeral made me immediately look at the future and start living it. I have realised that I am more resilient and stronger than I thought.

I am the Manager of an alternative health clinic which suits me because it links my interests with working. I also like doing admin and tinkering with excel etc so I am very happy in this varied role. I am a Reiki Master and Crystal Healing Practitioner so I am definitely in an environment that suits me although they focus more on the physical therapies. So I can see why the job vacancy caught my eye and why I applied.

But there is an interesting aspect to it. I used to go dancing, mainly clubbing years ago and I would spend the entire night on the dance floor. Over the past few months I have been wanting to go dancing again and have been thinking that I need to find a place where someone of my age can go dancing. Well, the place that I am at has dance studios on the floor below and it is part of the business. So I managed to locate the place I can go dancing as well as an ideal job for me.

The place is doing me good. There is talk of energy and people being in places for a reason. Everyone there has a story to tell and a purpose within the company which is not always obvious. My Manager said that she cant wait to find out why I am actually there as there is sure to be a reason. I cant wait to find out either. Let’s see how it unfolds..


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Close Encounters of the Word Kind


I love it when places in my past become entangled with places of the present. Last year I was working at St Paul’s in Barnes. Two weeks ago I started another job which involves catching two buses. For the first couple of weeks I stood at one bus stop and was quite amused to see that it was located right outside a church called “St Paul’s”.

However that stop was on a windy corner and the weather has been exceptionally cold lately so someone advised me to wait at a stop that was earlier on the route and more sheltered. I went there today and was amused to find that it is directly opposite a sign advertising “Barnes Construction”.

Have things like this happened to you? I would be interested to know of your experiences.

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The Great Mother’s Day. Thoughts on the Charge of The Goddess for Mother’s Day

Photocredit: http://www.cybercauldron.co.uk

Charge of the Goddess by Doreen Valiente en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charge_of_the_Goddess

Now listen to the words of the Great Mother, who was of old also called among men Artemis, Astarte, Athene, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Diana, Arianrhod, Isis, Bride, and by many other names.  At her altars, the youth of Lacedaemon in Sparta made due sacrifice.

The Mother, the Earth and her motherly aspects have been worshipped and called many names in previous times but they are all the same. all acknowledging and worshipping the same principles.

Whenever ye have need of anything, once in a month and better it be when the moon is full, then shall ye assemble in some secret place, and adore the spirit of me, I who am Queen of all Witches. There shall ye assemble, ye who are fain to learn all sorcery, yet have not won its deepest secrets; to these will I teach all things that are as yet unknown.

Some secret place can be within. What is more secret than the place of your own heart. She is called the Queen of all Witches but in fact she is the Queen of all growth and manifestation, the feminine principle. Farmers follow the phases of nature, of the moon as it is that time when the moisture rises to the surface, when the tide turns, when growth is right. It is the same principle as “To everything turn turn turn, there is a season turn turn turn and a time for every purpose under Heaven” This is exactly the same message. Sorcery really could be changed to source. These things are all known to you in your deepest being. You just need to remember them and that is what the Charge of The Goddess is all about. Re-membering who you are, Re-mmber, re-join yourself to your source. So the unknown would just mean those things that have not been in your conscious mind, unarticulated as sometimes it is hard to find words for them. But the knowledge and truth lie within you.

And ye shall be free from slavery; and as a sign that ye be truly free, you shall be naked in your rites; and yea shall dance, sing, feast, make music and love, all in my praise.  For mine is the ecstasy of spirit, and mine also is joy on earth; for my law is love unto all beings.

Slavery to me means tied to your roles and is the stuff of sociology, class, gender, etc. All of that stratification that makes us feel unequal to others. Society places great emphasis on your occupation, your postcode, your ancestry but nature does not make such distinctions. Naked can mean throwing off all of these humanmade labels and means of streaming people. Also it can mean the masks and personas that we present to the world. Just be yourself when interacting with nature as you have as much right to be joyful and celebrate as everyone else, royalty or what society would call the dispossessed. All beings are equally loved and accepted by nature. There is no guestlist or bouncer saying “Your name is not on the list, you are not coming in”

Keep pure your highest ideals; strive ever toward them, let nothing stop you or turn you aside.

Know what is in your heart. Be true to your own self and your calling. This is what I see all animal and human rights advocates doing. Keep them in mind no matter what or who tries to left ball you and divert you.

For mine is the secret door which opens upon the Land of Youth, and mine is the cup of wine of life, and the Cauldron of Cerridwen, which is the Holy Vessel of Immortality.

Nature holds the rhythym of past, present and future. it is a natural cycle which includes what we call Death which is just another door, secret to us until we have gone through it.

I am the gracious Goddess, who gives the gift of joy unto the heart of man. Upon earth, I give the knowledge of the spirit eternal; and beyond death, I give peace, and freedom, and reunion with those who have gone before.

If you familiarise yourself with nature and its cycles you will come to understand that you are a part of it so the cyclic laws apply to you too.

Nor do I demand sacrifice; for behold, I am the mother of all living, and my love is poured out upon the earth.

Nature does not want you to sacrifice anything to petition her as everything is a part of nature and all is equal so no one has the right to consider themselves superior to another life form and sacrifice it.

Hear the words of the Star Goddess, the dust of Whose feet are the hosts of heaven, Whose body encircles the universe.

I who am the beauty of the green earth, and the white moon among the stars, and the mystery of the waters and the desire of the heart of man. I call upon thy soul to arise and come unto me.  For I am the soul of Nature, who gives life to the Universe.

This is who the Great Mother is .Every aspect of nature. When you look at it that all food, all materials for shelter, all metals etc come from the earth, are already there or at least the ingredients are. It is the soul of nature and as above, so below, as within, so without, it is the soul of you and me too.

From me all things proceed and unto me all things must return; and before my face, beloved of gods and of men, let thine innermost divine self be enfolded, in the rapture of the infinite. Let my worship be within the heart that rejoices for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.

If you open your heart and love and enjoy nature then you are connected to the true source of life and you will be at peace within.

Therefore, let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

Eight qualities in pairs which seem to imply opposite tendencies but it is essential to balance them within you and act from this place of moderation in your interactions.
And thou who thinketh to seek for me, know thy seeking and yearning shall avail thee not, unless thou knoweth the mystery; for if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without. For behold, I have been with thee from the beginning; and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.

This is the great mystery. People buy consumer goods, go on courses, go to therapy, read books, scour the internet to look for something. They are looking for the answer, for happiness for what will make their life go right, for the missing piece. If they could just find the missing piece…All answers, all you need to coonect with is your true self. Your true self knows what you need, and you need to learn to trust yourself as you are a part of nature, the Goddess or creative factor lies within you, your school is nature.




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How following the Reiki principles Will Have a Positive Physical Effect – Don’t Get Angry

reiki principles

Note the “Don’t Get Angry” as if you do you are putting strain on your liver and gallbladder. In these tense times there is a lot of rage and frustration. Life is lived at such a fast pace. Everyone is in a hurry. Every mind seems to be on fast forward >>>>>>>. This is creating intense feelings of anger ranging from mild irritation to full blown rage when people react with angry words and say ” I do not know what came over me”. Try not to get sucked into the “rush hour” which now seems to be most hours of the day. Remain centred and in your own space even in the midst of a surging crowd.  Think of your liver and gall bladder which have to deal with all of the chemical toxins that are produced when anger is aroused. Your liver is necessary for survival and there is no replacement for its functions.

Time might seems to be speeding up but that is an illusion so when everyone else is tutting and cursing and walking around like battering rams do not let their feverish behaviour push you into irritation or worse.

Also practise mindfulness. Live in the now. Don’t let your mind replay things from the past on a loop, especially if there was anger attached to those experiences. Do not plan arguments or conflicts with people in the future. Scrap the scripts. You will be protecting your liver and gall bladder and prolonging your life.

Just For Today and Tomorrow – Banish anger. Don’t Be angry. Don’t shake your mental fist and plan to be angry and in the words of Oasis “Don’t Look Back In Anger”

Every minute you are creating your path, your wyrd and sowing seeds which tend to follow a trajectory of growth. Sow anger. Reap anger. Sow peace and fun times. Reap peace and fun times.

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Mercury Retrograde, What It means

train delay

The planet Mercury goes retrograde for about 3 weeks three times annually. It means that it seems like the planet’s movement appears to slow down, stop (station) or move backwards.

How it affects us depends on the sign that it is passing through. Mercury akin to Hermes is the messenger, which is why some communications or messenger services use the name for their company. Mercury rules what is known in astrology as the third house or sector of the zodiacal wheel. This house is all about communication, short journeys, electronics and technology, casual conversations, writing, how you liaise and communicate with those who livein  or work in your local area, brothers and sisters, the marketplace and trading, signalling, bbm, texting, emails etc.

When Mercury goes retrograde, the frequencies of the above get all muxed ip and there are communication errors, timing is wrong, journeying especially to places that are relatively near is subject to delays, cancellations, misinformation etc. Mercury is changeable and related to the mind as it rules Gemini, an air sign so all of these inconveniences lead to confusion, irritabilty, head scratching and the knock on effect of quick tempers and trying to catch up and do too many things at once which leads to shortcuts and more errors which adds to the problem.

There is also a by product, a useful phenomenon  asthings and people seem to come back around, a bit like groundhog day so there is an opportunity to make things clearer as you revisit them. The tone is set by the sign that Mercury is passing through. During 2013, during retrograde periods Mercury will pass through water signs. Here are the time periods and signs for this year :

23rd February to 17th March – Pisces

26th June to 20th July – Cancer

21st October to 20th November – Scorpio

The water signs highlight the emotions so during these times expect the usual disruptions already listed but also expect people and situations to return into your life that make you descend deep into your emotions, stirring up memories and feelings. During the Piscean Mercury Retrograde period, you may feel a little dreamy and withdrawn and have philosophical deep discussions with yourself and others that come back into your life. During the Cancer Mercury Retrograde period, emotional memories relating to your mother, home and emotional security may come up or remembering such things with people from the past. During the Scorpio Mercury Retrograde period people who come back into your life or that you bump into on short journeys may bring intense conversations to you, with a lot of probing, analysing and deep questions which may pull you away from the present into the past. Things may come to light from these encounters, pieces of the puzzle or secrets may be discussed.

During the above times, it is best to prepare for miscommunications and delays by leaving a little early for journeys if you can, maybe do not rely solely on technology so make a note of appointments and contact numbers in an old fashioned written diary as back up. Be prepared for the chinese whisper effect where your instructions, words may be lost in translation. Also there could be misunderstandings with neighbours or siblings but these will be resolved so do not let things get fraught.

The best way to get through these times is to be open to a bit of a break from the dull routine. Timing may go a bit awry and you may take a slightly different route to get to your destination etc but you may see things that you would not normally notice or bump into people that you would not normally see. Just go with the flow, remain calm and positive and look at it as a bit of an adventure. Do not get pulled into other peoples’ frustration especially during travelling times. Instead just keep centred and look on it as an observer and see if anything attracts your attention. You may come up with some brilliant ideas or flashes of insight. If you do, write them down quickly and I would be willing to bet that these ideas/thoughts will come back around in a material way. It could be that someone will talk about the very thing that flashed into your mind, you may find some information in a book which connects to the subject or you may soon find yourself taking a physical wrong turning which actually turns out to be the right one. You could do a little Mercury Retrograde experimentation by jotting things down in a notebook that occur to you during these phases and see if any patterns emerge. Make it fun.

Good Luck

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The Tree Spirits

tree 1

I love trees. I always have and have always thought of them as having a personality. Up until I was eight years old, we lived in a house with a huge lime tree in the back garden. I used to spend hours out there sitting under it or jumping along the crazy paving stones that my father had laid out underneath it. We also had trees in the street. There was a little saying that we had at school. For every leaf that you caught as it fell from the tree, you would be granted one lucky day so I used to stand outside catching as many leaves as I could.

I have always taken note of trees near to where I live or work. They are like people in the neighbourhood. It is nice to see them as kind of friend.

Magical people say that the dryad is the spirit of the tree. It is seen as a living being linked to the tree and growing with it. But this spirit is also is an entity that is multidimensional , which lives in the Astral dimension as well as in the mundane world. When someone prunes a branch  off a tree or one falls , the dryad spirit is still in the wood. magical people use wands which are small pieces of wood that come from a tree so you could say that he spirit of the wand is part of the tree’s consciousness. Some people believe that trees withdraw their lifeforce  from a branch when they sense it is going to be cut. But it is more likely that the spirit stays there in some degree and can be awoken by enchantment when the branch or piece of  is made into a wand. Different trees have different properties and myths. I will do a series of posts on the different trees and their spiritual nature.

tree 3

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The Lovers Card in the Rider Waite Deck – Valentine’s Day Questing. What do you want from Love?

lovers card rider waite

When this card comes up in a spread, people tend to feel uplifted and smile.It is a lovely card and it has many meanings. It can mean a choice and it suggests that it is best to look at  personal values and ethical considerations before reaching a decision  If looking at personal relationships, it can be an indication of the more physical aspect of that relationship, including intimacy and sex. It could show that a platonic relationship could move to another level to more intimacy and a physical relationship. As it is Valentine’s Day energy that is around at present, let us look at the card from that viewpoint of finding a relationship or moving an existing one to a more physical or permanent level.

On the surface this card just seems to show a man and a woman and a Sun and an Angel looking down at them. So, is this indicating a match made in heaven? It certainly looks cheery and optimistic. Every detail on Tarot cards have been deliberately chosen. This includes colour and positioning of people and objects. Let us take a walk through this card.

Let’s take a walk through the card and look at the details.

At the top of the card there is a shining Sun. The Sun of course is yellow, the colour of intellect, which is also linked to the alchemical gold, the symbol of highest attainment. The Sun is a source of life-giving energy. It is essential to growth and visibility. The Sun shows things as they are and their shadows. Everything in the garden is rosy and lovely in the Summer. This Sun fills the whole space above the Angel. It shines its light on all. It highlights the middle ground from which opposites can emerge, blend and find connection and growth.

There is an Angel beneath the Sun looking down on two people. This is the Archangel Raphael and being the higher aspect of the self, is the superconscious mind and the unifying factor between the male aspects of logic and reason and the female aspects of passion and emotions.  The Angel’s clothes are purple. This is a spiritual colour and links to the third eye, in the middle of the forehead. (Note the Angel is in the centre part and the Sun, as consciousness crowns it) It denotes that if you use your intuition you will be given guidance about what course of action or choice to take.

There are clouds between the two people. These can represent change, shifting emotions as they shapeshift and come and go. Clouds can govern what we can see and what is not in our sights or minds as things that are behind or beyond can be hidden or obscured. We use cloud imagery to describe emotions. We describe bliss as being on cloud nine and when someone feels down we say it is like a dark cloud has descended over them. In cartoons we use clouds to show what people are thinking. A good exercise with this card would be for you to put your thoughts in the cloud. Put them in the female cloud if you are female and male if you are male. Then/or you could have a conversation by imagining what your partner or desired one would say back to you or would be thinking. This would be a kind of gestalt psychological exercise. The male responding in the female cloud and vice versa could show you the opposite gender aspects which are within your psyche. We are all looking for the missing bits to make us whole. The characteristics that we “see” in our partners and all other contacts are coloured by aspects of ourselves. (I will look into that in more detail in other posts)

The Angel above is there to mediate between the two aspects/contributions to the exchange and bring enlightenment and reconciliation.

There is blue in the background which shows us that there is an emotional aspect to this situation.

There is the mountain/mound in the background between the figures. This can represent the unifying factor between the male and female energies, the intellect and the passions or between other opposing pairs. It has sexual connotations as it is mound shaped and signifies that there is a sexual element here too.

Then at the foreground we have a female and a male figure. The female is looking at the Angel. The male is looking at the female. The  two trees behind the figures immediately associate them to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The temptation aspect is not highlighted in this depiction, although we are reminded of it by the serpent. The picture on this card gives an impression of success and enlightenment, that all is well.

The Tree of Life is behind the man. The tree has 12 fruits. This can depict the 12 zodiacal signs. There are lots of different people out there and different personalities. It’s complicated.
The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil is behind the  woman. This tree has knowledge. To find what we would like in a partner, it is good to start with knowing ourself. There is the Serpent wound round this tree. Snakes represent enlightenment and unconscious wisdom.

So the card has a lot of imagery exploring the coming together of opposites and of our desire to be connected to other people in meaningful relationships

On a final note you probably all saw the year 2013 being designated as the Year For Love.erosWell if you add 2+0+1+3 you get 6. The Lovers Card is number 6. Ah yes and of course an anagram of Eros is Rose.

Have a lovely February 14th

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It’s a Kinda Magic. Snow Magic


Snow falls gently and  so quietly. It seems like one minute things are bare and the next minute they are snowclad. A bit like habits and situations in life. There is a slow build up. But snow does not stay for long. It melts or is washed away to nothing. This is why a simple snow ritual can be used to banish unwanted facets of personality, addictions or situations in your life.

All you need is SNOW. Go into the garden, a park or anywhere where you feel comfortable to spend  5 minutes or so. Scoop up a small amount of snow and name it anything you want to remove from your life/personality e.g “anger”, “inertia”, “indecisiveness”, “grief”,”arthritis”, “barriers to success”, “lovesickness” etc. Do not try to remember them. As you name one scoop, throw it back on the ground and get another scoop, name it and throw it. When you have “named and shamed” those aspects of you or barriers to your success, know that as the scoops of snow melt away and fade to nothing, so will the thing that you have named dematerialise from your life. You don’t need to remember them. The rite is done. (Don’t name people, just use a noun to that has covered the situation (like the snow does) e.g “jealousy”, “spitefulness”, “interference” etc

Then go indoors and have a celebratory cup of tea!

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New Moon in Aquarius on 10th February 2013 at 7:23 GMT

The Moon will so near to the Sun in Aquarius that we will hardly be able to see it.

The AQUARIUS symbol is the Water Bearer but Aquarius is a fixed Air sign..The skill of carrying water in vessels/pots is a uniquely human act. This is largely an act to store water and to ensure personal survival. This is an act of planning and thinking and seeing the wider picture.It is a very skilful way of looking at water and how to use it. Of course we also use it for cooking, washing, swimming in, ornamental water features etc. An out of the box type of enterprise. We are water carriers ourselves of course as we are composed of 70% water. I will look at the Star Card in more depth in another post.

The Start RW
Rider Waite Star Card

Body and spirit are one and there is a lack of self-consciousness or fear or doubt. It is also a reminder to allow yourself to enjoy the innocence of childhood. It is also a card of rebirth so can can indicate fertility of ideas. Get back in touch with your self and your feelings without all of the trappings of roles and personas. What do you feel to do? What can you bring to manifestation on the earth that aligns with your emotions?

Time to look for unique ways of expressing things and acting in the world. That is the way to go forward for yourself and others. We all have different ways of thinking, speaking and acting. You do not have to be the same as everyone else. I am putting my sociological hat here and thinking of Durkheim and his organic/functionalism model of society. This is based on the organic model of the body where all parts and muscles and glands have there own little respective worlds and modes of operation. But they all function in their own independent way to make the whole work. The whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts. We all have different roles to play. Complicated really with no script to follow. You may be mother/father daughter/son, boss/gopher, committee member, choir singer, so many roles but you are even more than that.

You do not have to conform and be the same as everyone else. If you have a different approach to things or an idea that is calling you from your heart, act upon it and trust. We all have our functions. I am not telling you to align yourself with what “society” tells you you should be like due to your locality, gender, age or family background either. The “hidden curriculum” in school is one that is not openly discussed. It is the educational system’s way of preparing you for the niche that society will place you in. It teaches you to accept your lot, keep your head down and perform the role that is allotted to you. But the real intention behind it is training you to accept your role, your “lot” or your “little”.

Uranus (like Neptune and the disputed Puto) is one of the triad of planets that form the ‘higher’ octave of the resonating energy within our zodiac. This denotes that the influence they, both individually and as a threesome represent and transmit, acts on society as a whole. This frequency affects the planet and via this conduit flows onto the individual. The more personal planets, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn and of course, the Moon work on and within the individual more. This is why those born under Aquarius will read in their star sign descriptions that they are more inclined towards wider circles of friendship and look at the whole and see can put a unique spin on things. They work from the outer to inner.

The New Moon in Aquarius frequency will pull you towards wider circles of friends and causes that resonate with you emotionally and will give you hunches to take a few risks and try to solve issues or niggley problems in a different way. Find the key to the combination of the emotions and intellect to help you to materialise something or a solution.

This is a song by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1962 Schroder Music Company, renewed 1990. It explains the concepts perfectly.

“Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky,1
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same.
There’s a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

And the people in the houses
All went to the university,
Where they were put in boxes
And they came out all the same,
And there’s doctors and lawyers,
And business executives,
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

And they all play on the golf course
And drink their martinis dry,
And they all have pretty children
And the children go to school,
And the children go to summer camp
And then to the university,
Where they are put in boxes
And they come out all the same.

And the boys go into business
And marry and raise a family
In boxes made of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.
There’s a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.”

The Sun and Moon in Aquarius will entice you to think outside the box. I would say flatten it and recycle it into something else. You will attract people to you who are on your frequency, whose ideas and plans resonate with yours but this will be nothing to do with the associations that society has placed you in. It will be a coming together of people with all different life experiences who can help each other because they are following their own passion. The energies will entangle and more will be produced than the sum of the individual parts.

If you want to work on something particular, this time would be ideal for workings to do with  science (yes, work on that invention) freedom, creative expression, problem-solving, friendship. It is also a good time to work on beginning to tackle old bad habits or unhealthy addictions. Also ailments to do with calves, ankles or blood are the areas to focus on as the planetary frequencies resonate best with those areas at this time.

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Healing The Inner Child – ted talks


My eyes scanned my room this morning and alighted on my old teddy bear. There he is. Above you. Looks like he has survived many a battle doesn’t he. He’s pulled his hair out for a start. He does look like a metaphor for my life. I cannot remember if I chewed him and gave him a makeover, or whether it was the cat (my disclaimer)…

I did not have a happy childhood. My late mother had issues and problems that I have only recently become fully aware of (well, as fully aware of as you can from hearing it from another as I never heard it from her, sadly)

I cannot recall me as a child playing with the bear (I don’t think he had a name) but I thought that he makes a good transitional object (Winnicott’s term, I will write on him (W, not the bear) another time, although I am using his phrase somewhat differently). The bear is a link to my inner child.

It occurred to me that we can use these objects and their links to our subconscious and of course, unconscious, to access the inner child, which resides in us, is part and parcel of us. We can send unconditional love and healing to the inner child and thank them for growing the qualities and core that we needed to continue our unfoldment to adulthood. We can give him/her acceptance of everything that happened and every way that we acted since, as we know that he/she had our interests at heart.

If you have Reiki 2 you can use such objects to send healing to the past, to integrate all experiences into the present so that you can move forward with a strong, renewed sense of core and self.

If you would like me to send Reiki to an object of yours to help you heal the past then please contact me and I will do that. In fact, it has just dawned on me (Hail Ra and the Conscious Mind) that I will hold “transitional object” workshops in the future, where people can bring their old beloved talismans and toy friends, pictures, photos, diaries etc to work on interacting with their Inner child and thanking and healing them. I guess I need to revisit Winnicott.

Treat your Inner Child today. Buy a favourite sweet, go to the movies, swing on a swing, whatever you want to do. Hey, do you think we should have an Annual Inner Child Day?

Have  nice silly day.


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