New Moon in Aquarius on 10th February 2013 at 7:23 GMT

The Moon will so near to the Sun in Aquarius that we will hardly be able to see it.

The AQUARIUS symbol is the Water Bearer but Aquarius is a fixed Air sign..The skill of carrying water in vessels/pots is a uniquely human act. This is largely an act to store water and to ensure personal survival. This is an act of planning and thinking and seeing the wider picture.It is a very skilful way of looking at water and how to use it. Of course we also use it for cooking, washing, swimming in, ornamental water features etc. An out of the box type of enterprise. We are water carriers ourselves of course as we are composed of 70% water. I will look at the Star Card in more depth in another post.

The Start RW
Rider Waite Star Card

Body and spirit are one and there is a lack of self-consciousness or fear or doubt. It is also a reminder to allow yourself to enjoy the innocence of childhood. It is also a card of rebirth so can can indicate fertility of ideas. Get back in touch with your self and your feelings without all of the trappings of roles and personas. What do you feel to do? What can you bring to manifestation on the earth that aligns with your emotions?

Time to look for unique ways of expressing things and acting in the world. That is the way to go forward for yourself and others. We all have different ways of thinking, speaking and acting. You do not have to be the same as everyone else. I am putting my sociological hat here and thinking of Durkheim and his organic/functionalism model of society. This is based on the organic model of the body where all parts and muscles and glands have there own little respective worlds and modes of operation. But they all function in their own independent way to make the whole work. The whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts. We all have different roles to play. Complicated really with no script to follow. You may be mother/father daughter/son, boss/gopher, committee member, choir singer, so many roles but you are even more than that.

You do not have to conform and be the same as everyone else. If you have a different approach to things or an idea that is calling you from your heart, act upon it and trust. We all have our functions. I am not telling you to align yourself with what “society” tells you you should be like due to your locality, gender, age or family background either. The “hidden curriculum” in school is one that is not openly discussed. It is the educational system’s way of preparing you for the niche that society will place you in. It teaches you to accept your lot, keep your head down and perform the role that is allotted to you. But the real intention behind it is training you to accept your role, your “lot” or your “little”.

Uranus (like Neptune and the disputed Puto) is one of the triad of planets that form the ‘higher’ octave of the resonating energy within our zodiac. This denotes that the influence they, both individually and as a threesome represent and transmit, acts on society as a whole. This frequency affects the planet and via this conduit flows onto the individual. The more personal planets, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn and of course, the Moon work on and within the individual more. This is why those born under Aquarius will read in their star sign descriptions that they are more inclined towards wider circles of friendship and look at the whole and see can put a unique spin on things. They work from the outer to inner.

The New Moon in Aquarius frequency will pull you towards wider circles of friends and causes that resonate with you emotionally and will give you hunches to take a few risks and try to solve issues or niggley problems in a different way. Find the key to the combination of the emotions and intellect to help you to materialise something or a solution.

This is a song by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1962 Schroder Music Company, renewed 1990. It explains the concepts perfectly.

“Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky,1
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same.
There’s a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

And the people in the houses
All went to the university,
Where they were put in boxes
And they came out all the same,
And there’s doctors and lawyers,
And business executives,
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

And they all play on the golf course
And drink their martinis dry,
And they all have pretty children
And the children go to school,
And the children go to summer camp
And then to the university,
Where they are put in boxes
And they come out all the same.

And the boys go into business
And marry and raise a family
In boxes made of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.
There’s a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.”

The Sun and Moon in Aquarius will entice you to think outside the box. I would say flatten it and recycle it into something else. You will attract people to you who are on your frequency, whose ideas and plans resonate with yours but this will be nothing to do with the associations that society has placed you in. It will be a coming together of people with all different life experiences who can help each other because they are following their own passion. The energies will entangle and more will be produced than the sum of the individual parts.

If you want to work on something particular, this time would be ideal for workings to do with  science (yes, work on that invention) freedom, creative expression, problem-solving, friendship. It is also a good time to work on beginning to tackle old bad habits or unhealthy addictions. Also ailments to do with calves, ankles or blood are the areas to focus on as the planetary frequencies resonate best with those areas at this time.


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Hello. I am Reiki Master Practitoner and Teacher in the Usui/Tibetan Ryoho Tradition a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and Meditation Teacher. I have given Tarot and Psychic Readings for over 30 years. I have an MA in Psychoanalysis after studying language, symbols, dreams and the unconscious. I founded the School Of Wyrdynamics SOW, which is a school of thought whose intention is the study wyrd and patterns in my own and others' life unfoldments in order to create a healthier and more fulfilling life by maximising choices and positive potentials. Apart from above, other interests are Sociology, Quantum Physics, Qabalah, Ritual and Magickal Theory, Gematria, Animal Welfare and causes...Be The Change You Want to SOW
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