The Lovers Card in the Rider Waite Deck – Valentine’s Day Questing. What do you want from Love?

lovers card rider waite

When this card comes up in a spread, people tend to feel uplifted and smile.It is a lovely card and it has many meanings. It can mean a choice and it suggests that it is best to look at  personal values and ethical considerations before reaching a decision  If looking at personal relationships, it can be an indication of the more physical aspect of that relationship, including intimacy and sex. It could show that a platonic relationship could move to another level to more intimacy and a physical relationship. As it is Valentine’s Day energy that is around at present, let us look at the card from that viewpoint of finding a relationship or moving an existing one to a more physical or permanent level.

On the surface this card just seems to show a man and a woman and a Sun and an Angel looking down at them. So, is this indicating a match made in heaven? It certainly looks cheery and optimistic. Every detail on Tarot cards have been deliberately chosen. This includes colour and positioning of people and objects. Let us take a walk through this card.

Let’s take a walk through the card and look at the details.

At the top of the card there is a shining Sun. The Sun of course is yellow, the colour of intellect, which is also linked to the alchemical gold, the symbol of highest attainment. The Sun is a source of life-giving energy. It is essential to growth and visibility. The Sun shows things as they are and their shadows. Everything in the garden is rosy and lovely in the Summer. This Sun fills the whole space above the Angel. It shines its light on all. It highlights the middle ground from which opposites can emerge, blend and find connection and growth.

There is an Angel beneath the Sun looking down on two people. This is the Archangel Raphael and being the higher aspect of the self, is the superconscious mind and the unifying factor between the male aspects of logic and reason and the female aspects of passion and emotions.  The Angel’s clothes are purple. This is a spiritual colour and links to the third eye, in the middle of the forehead. (Note the Angel is in the centre part and the Sun, as consciousness crowns it) It denotes that if you use your intuition you will be given guidance about what course of action or choice to take.

There are clouds between the two people. These can represent change, shifting emotions as they shapeshift and come and go. Clouds can govern what we can see and what is not in our sights or minds as things that are behind or beyond can be hidden or obscured. We use cloud imagery to describe emotions. We describe bliss as being on cloud nine and when someone feels down we say it is like a dark cloud has descended over them. In cartoons we use clouds to show what people are thinking. A good exercise with this card would be for you to put your thoughts in the cloud. Put them in the female cloud if you are female and male if you are male. Then/or you could have a conversation by imagining what your partner or desired one would say back to you or would be thinking. This would be a kind of gestalt psychological exercise. The male responding in the female cloud and vice versa could show you the opposite gender aspects which are within your psyche. We are all looking for the missing bits to make us whole. The characteristics that we “see” in our partners and all other contacts are coloured by aspects of ourselves. (I will look into that in more detail in other posts)

The Angel above is there to mediate between the two aspects/contributions to the exchange and bring enlightenment and reconciliation.

There is blue in the background which shows us that there is an emotional aspect to this situation.

There is the mountain/mound in the background between the figures. This can represent the unifying factor between the male and female energies, the intellect and the passions or between other opposing pairs. It has sexual connotations as it is mound shaped and signifies that there is a sexual element here too.

Then at the foreground we have a female and a male figure. The female is looking at the Angel. The male is looking at the female. The  two trees behind the figures immediately associate them to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The temptation aspect is not highlighted in this depiction, although we are reminded of it by the serpent. The picture on this card gives an impression of success and enlightenment, that all is well.

The Tree of Life is behind the man. The tree has 12 fruits. This can depict the 12 zodiacal signs. There are lots of different people out there and different personalities. It’s complicated.
The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil is behind the  woman. This tree has knowledge. To find what we would like in a partner, it is good to start with knowing ourself. There is the Serpent wound round this tree. Snakes represent enlightenment and unconscious wisdom.

So the card has a lot of imagery exploring the coming together of opposites and of our desire to be connected to other people in meaningful relationships

On a final note you probably all saw the year 2013 being designated as the Year For Love.erosWell if you add 2+0+1+3 you get 6. The Lovers Card is number 6. Ah yes and of course an anagram of Eros is Rose.

Have a lovely February 14th


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