Mercury Retrograde, What It means

train delay

The planet Mercury goes retrograde for about 3 weeks three times annually. It means that it seems like the planet’s movement appears to slow down, stop (station) or move backwards.

How it affects us depends on the sign that it is passing through. Mercury akin to Hermes is the messenger, which is why some communications or messenger services use the name for their company. Mercury rules what is known in astrology as the third house or sector of the zodiacal wheel. This house is all about communication, short journeys, electronics and technology, casual conversations, writing, how you liaise and communicate with those who livein  or work in your local area, brothers and sisters, the marketplace and trading, signalling, bbm, texting, emails etc.

When Mercury goes retrograde, the frequencies of the above get all muxed ip and there are communication errors, timing is wrong, journeying especially to places that are relatively near is subject to delays, cancellations, misinformation etc. Mercury is changeable and related to the mind as it rules Gemini, an air sign so all of these inconveniences lead to confusion, irritabilty, head scratching and the knock on effect of quick tempers and trying to catch up and do too many things at once which leads to shortcuts and more errors which adds to the problem.

There is also a by product, a useful phenomenon  asthings and people seem to come back around, a bit like groundhog day so there is an opportunity to make things clearer as you revisit them. The tone is set by the sign that Mercury is passing through. During 2013, during retrograde periods Mercury will pass through water signs. Here are the time periods and signs for this year :

23rd February to 17th March – Pisces

26th June to 20th July – Cancer

21st October to 20th November – Scorpio

The water signs highlight the emotions so during these times expect the usual disruptions already listed but also expect people and situations to return into your life that make you descend deep into your emotions, stirring up memories and feelings. During the Piscean Mercury Retrograde period, you may feel a little dreamy and withdrawn and have philosophical deep discussions with yourself and others that come back into your life. During the Cancer Mercury Retrograde period, emotional memories relating to your mother, home and emotional security may come up or remembering such things with people from the past. During the Scorpio Mercury Retrograde period people who come back into your life or that you bump into on short journeys may bring intense conversations to you, with a lot of probing, analysing and deep questions which may pull you away from the present into the past. Things may come to light from these encounters, pieces of the puzzle or secrets may be discussed.

During the above times, it is best to prepare for miscommunications and delays by leaving a little early for journeys if you can, maybe do not rely solely on technology so make a note of appointments and contact numbers in an old fashioned written diary as back up. Be prepared for the chinese whisper effect where your instructions, words may be lost in translation. Also there could be misunderstandings with neighbours or siblings but these will be resolved so do not let things get fraught.

The best way to get through these times is to be open to a bit of a break from the dull routine. Timing may go a bit awry and you may take a slightly different route to get to your destination etc but you may see things that you would not normally notice or bump into people that you would not normally see. Just go with the flow, remain calm and positive and look at it as a bit of an adventure. Do not get pulled into other peoples’ frustration especially during travelling times. Instead just keep centred and look on it as an observer and see if anything attracts your attention. You may come up with some brilliant ideas or flashes of insight. If you do, write them down quickly and I would be willing to bet that these ideas/thoughts will come back around in a material way. It could be that someone will talk about the very thing that flashed into your mind, you may find some information in a book which connects to the subject or you may soon find yourself taking a physical wrong turning which actually turns out to be the right one. You could do a little Mercury Retrograde experimentation by jotting things down in a notebook that occur to you during these phases and see if any patterns emerge. Make it fun.

Good Luck


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Hello. I am Reiki Master Practitoner and Teacher in the Usui/Tibetan Ryoho Tradition a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and Meditation Teacher. I have given Tarot and Psychic Readings for over 30 years. I have an MA in Psychoanalysis after studying language, symbols, dreams and the unconscious. I founded the School Of Wyrdynamics SOW, which is a school of thought whose intention is the study wyrd and patterns in my own and others' life unfoldments in order to create a healthier and more fulfilling life by maximising choices and positive potentials. Apart from above, other interests are Sociology, Quantum Physics, Qabalah, Ritual and Magickal Theory, Gematria, Animal Welfare and causes...Be The Change You Want to SOW
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