Welcome to the Sow or School of Wyrdynamics blog.

My life has been interesting although to others it may seem to be quite normal. It has been awash with interesting incidents and a lot of synchronicites. I have always sort of lived on the edge in the sense that I was not entirely satisfied that the physical world is all that there is to this life. I have always had interesting dreams and have usually recalled them.

When I was a teenager my friends used to marvel at how I would mention something, even something quite bizarre and it would happen.

Throughout my life I have looked into astrology, tarot, trained to be a clairvoyant and been on platform although I did not do that for long as I prefer one to one more in depth readings as you can go into things more deeply.

As I had so many strange experiences and vivid dreams I wanted to find out all that was known about the unconscious. I studied Sociology at University and then took an MA in Psychoanalysis where I learned about various theories within that discipline. I am not an analyst. I studied the theories and looked at case studies to see how the analysts’ interpretations depended on which psychoanalytical theorist they leaned towards.

I have looked into symbols and ritual, taken part in private and public rituals to mark the changing of the seasons, done tarot and such readings at psychic fayres and privately and have formed a few ideas about reality and how it unfolds. I am very interested in the Sun, lunar phases and the elements.

I have a strong interest in quantum physics, in a layperson way. I read all that I can and discuss it with like minded individuals. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher of the Mikao Usui/Tibetan Ryoho Lineage. The concepts of energy, frequencies, resonance and dissonance give me some hints about what life experiences could be about.

I love writing and plan to write some books and design some tarot cards with a workbook. My other passion is animal welfare. I have another blog where I write regularly about my animal causes and other things that I feel inclined to write about. http://rosedixon.net/

I knew that I wanted to do something with the things that I have thought about and scribbled about but it was only at the end of November 2012 that I had the idea of actually founding a school of thought which is really a metaphor for looking back over my life and patterns, coincidences/synchronicities to chart/decipher how things unfolded thus far as they have and my aim is to experiment a bit in the future to see how these patterns unfold. This would certainly assist me in my readings as my intention, when doing a reading for someone, is to empower them and help them to identify their possibilities and give advice on how they might manifest the possibility/potential that attracts them the most.

So this blog will be an exploration and a journey. I cannot be clear on how it will go or what it will be about as I am at the start of the process. I am hoping that it will be interesting, that maybe it might inspire one other or many others to embark on their own exploratory journey. It could be just me recording insights or it could be interactive. If any reader wants me to write about anything in particular, please feel free to write something in the comments section and I will have a go.

As Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living”

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